on Thursday, June 6, 2013

She used to think of herself as someone that shone, that sparkled.

She used to think of herself as someone that had so many possibilities in life and there was no other way for her to go but up.

She used to think of herself that way.

But life was never fair.

And soon all she had to give, all her sparkle and shine, was bottled away.

Everything she had to give was caged, contained, left to die.

Possibilities that were once limitless became limited.

Slowly but surely, all her sparkle and shine faded away

Until there was nothing left.

Image credits to lisa-lithium @ Tumblr


Bam the Great said...


I'm sure she'll find something to make her light up again. Probably, even brighter than before. :)

HI, BB <3 Bloghopping.

Bella Javier said...

UNNIE!!!! Thanks for the comment :D HAHA. Shall go to your blog in a while :D

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