Look Away

on Friday, August 22, 2014

He could feel it. The anger. It boiled silently through his veins, searing his entire being.

But he still couldn’t bring himself to hate her.

She thought he was stupid and ignorant. He probably was stupid for not hating her like he should.

Anger wanted him to lash out when she looked away, when her attention was on anything else but him – when her eyes wandered away from him and towards her latest flavor of the month. He wanted to hurt her like she was hurting it. Painfully. Slowly.

And then she’d look back at him. He smiled every time. 

image credits to Emileigh Latham @ Pinterest



They’d left her for dead.

He ran as fast as his legs could muster, even when they felt like crumbling underneath all the pressure and his lungs felt like they were burning in his chest. They thought they were careful and had things been different, he wouldn’t have seen anything. But he caught a glimpse – the sight of blood trickling down the face of the limp girl one of them carried in his arms. 

They tossed her away like a rag doll and fled. 

The coast was clear. He came closer.
His heart fell when he realized he knew her.

image credits to iNeedChemicalX @ deviantart

The Way She Imagined It

on Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The way she first imagined it, they’d be in Paris – the freaking city of love, no less – and she’d be in the most gorgeous dress she’d ever laid eyes on.  He’d be in a classic suit, crisp, clean and suave, and he’d get down on one knee and bring out the most brilliant diamond engagement ring that sparkled under the glimmer of the moonlight.

But life took it upon itself to screw her over and instead of Paris, she got Vegas, with the little white chapel and an Elvis Presley impersonator of a minister in tow.

So much for Paris.

image credits to Christine-wang @ Tumblr

Well, it's been quite a long hiatus, isn't it?

Apparently, the last one hundred-word drabble I made for this was last August orz

Really sorry about that, folks. For lack of a better term, life happened. But now that I've been reminded of this baby of mine, I'll try my hardest to start writing flash fiction again.

Wish me luck! ;)

Never Let Me Go

on Thursday, August 29, 2013

“I can’t do this, damn it!”

“You haven’t even tried.” You remind me wryly. “You can do it. I promise. Do it little by little. Don’t be afraid. I’m right here.”

My lower lip quivers. “You won’t let me go, right?”

“I’ll even catch you if you fall.” You wink.

I suck in a sharp breath, gripping the handles tightly. I can do this.

Hesitantly, I begin to move my legs one at a time and I felt myself move slowly. I’m moving. I really can do it, just like you said.

You never let go of my bike throughout. 

image credits to icanread @ Tumblr